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ASQ Section 1106 presents tree to honor Charlotte Britton, retiring director of Hawkins County Schools
June 30, 2014, Rogersville, TN

Following are comments by Arved Harding representing the Northeast Tennessee Section of ASQ as he and Hank Somers presented a flowering Dogwood tree to honor Charlotte Britton, retiring Director of Hawkins County Schools.

"We are here today to honor a great leader in education in the Northeast Tennessee Community. The Northeast Tennessee Section of the American Society for Quality has been a strong supporter of efforts to strengthen the quality of education made in Hawkins County and in particular by Charlotte Britton for many years."
Presenting the Tree
"We recognize that Charlotte Britton has impacted the lives of many children and families in this community and has planted seeds so that many more will be impacted for years to come. So our section felt it fitting that we present the Department of Education with this beautiful Cherokee Chief Dogwood tree."

The following statement will be inscribed on a plaque which will be permanently positioned next to the tree. "This tree, donated by the Northeast TN Section of ASQ, honors Charlotte Britton for many years of service as director and educator dedicated to improving the quality of education for the students, teachers, staff, and community of Hawkins County."

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Section 1106 to sponsor Kingsport City Schools' assistant superintendent to the ASQ National Quality in Education Conference in November

The NE Tennessee Section's offer of up to $1,000 for travel expenses to 2013 NQEC in Milwaukee has been accepted by Ms. Dory Creech, assistant superintendent, Kingsport City Schools. Kingsport City Schools has a commitment to performance excellence in education. Dr. Lyle Ailshie, Director of Kingsport City Schools, is a TNCPE judge, and the school system has a central office position of manager of performance excellence. Section 1106 members have provided assistance for Kingsport City Schools in past years.

This sponsorship represents an investment in quality in education in the region. Last year the section sponsored Ms. Charlotte Britton, director of Hawkins County Schools, to NQEC in Indianapolis. Attendees always return from NQEC energized, with best practices and many valuable contacts.
Ms. Dory Creech
Section 1106 and the section board are thanked for their continuing support of quality in education.
ASQ Section 1106 supports continuous improvement in Hawkins County Schools

The following are email comments from Ms. Charlotte Britton, Director of Hawkins County Schools, to Hank Somers, Section 1106 Board, Quality in Education liaison chair. Hank had forwarded Ms. Britton the education best practices contained in a recent ASQ newsletter from Mr. Paul Borawski, ASQ CEO.

Good Afternoon, Hank,

Thanks for the article!  Plan/Do/Study/Act has been working well for the Hawkins County folks!

We have some exciting news that will be released on Thursday for our school system.  I am attributing the success to our focus on Continuous School Improvement.  Again, I really wish to express my thanks to ASQ for the opportunity to attend the National Conference last year. I believe that was my reassurance that the road to success will be clearer if we continued to follow the Continuous School Improvement process.  We are staying the course!

Emphasis modified
Ms. Charlotte Britton

Section 1106 supported Quality in Education in Hawkins County Schools by sponsoring Ms. Britton to the ASQ's National Quality in Education conference in Indianapolis (November 2012). In past years Section 1106 members have assisted Cherokee High School with Quality in Education efforts and Hawkins County Schools with strategic planning. Congratulations to Hawkins County Schools for staying the course with the continuous improvement process!